Ingredients for a Great Relationship

Shared Holiday Habits


Tradition is important in many societies and families, and dating someone often means discovering how they view the subject. People raised with a complete set of values for religious holidays could be shocked the person they have met has no shared holiday habits with them. For those concentrating on national or local holidays, being able to compare notes on their ways of celebrating could show wide gaps. Each couple will have to decide whether or not the other person’s holiday festivities can fit into their lifestyle, and they may need to find compromises to make a long term relationship work.

Religion is important to many people in the modern world, and many of them are deeply steeped in tradition. Holidays connected with their worship may be something they value highly, and finding out the other person shares none of their traditions could open their eyes to the fact a relationship might not be possible. If either of them are willing to work out a compromise, then dating should at least be possible.

National and local holidays are important to many people within a particular culture, but outsiders may not celebrate them. Two people from different cultures could decide to simply add in yet more revels to their calendar, but others could refuse to celebrate a holiday not associated with their own cultural traditions. Finding a compromise might depend upon how willing each person in the relationship will go to satisfy their partner. The further they are willing to bend, the easier a long term commitment will be to form.

Making decisions based on celebrating holidays might appear to be a bit shallow, yet ignoring them can be considered selfish. Traditions with a long history are often an important part of being a member of a family or culture, and they should be respected by both parties. Learning how to combine the celebrations a couple does not have in common is a good first lesson in the compromises it will take for a relationship between them to flourish.