Ingredients for a Great Relationship

Far from Home


The increasing mobility of many different areas of the world has given people from across the globe an opportunity to meet and form romantic relationships. If they choose to make it permanent, they must decide where they will live. Remaining far from home could place a great burden on at least one of the partners, and their family could resent it. While they might wish their loved one the best, the lack of real contact in person could make them feel they are being treated unfairly.

Couples who have found this is part of their reality often find there are no good solutions, and even making sure to visit as often as possible does not always alleviate hurt feelings of family and old friends. One person might feel they are being forced to give up their own culture, and they could find the lack disconcerting over time. While their spouse understands, the depth of their forfeiture might not be understood clearly.

It takes a strong person to move to the other side of the world with little contact from the past, and it can be felt as a loss when issues arise. They might not notice it during the first blush of their romance, but it will eventually insinuate itself into their psyche as life goes through its usual bumps and bruises. For those with a very supportive partner, the feeling can often be lessened with love and understanding.

Being able to travel home on a regular basis could be helpful, and couples sometimes choose to change their location after a few years. They might not move back to the place where either of them grew up, and they could find a good compromise somewhere on neutral ground. It might benefit both of them to find that being away from their families gives them the freedom they want without the issue of facing their spouse’s culture on a daily basis.